Thursday, July 14, 2011

Restoren Famous Thai, Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam

Finally, Nisa has finished her iMAP project and release to production. To celebrate this, our IT Manager asked us to look for a place to have our celebration lunch. We decided to go for Thai's food as most of us are Thai food fans. We decided to go to

Famous Thai Restaurant at Plaza Massalam Shah Alam. This place is just opposite of Nyonya Kitchen ( we already tried that during Dan Adam visit to KL) while none of us have tried the Famous Thai.

Below are some of the menu you can choose from:

The environment was really cooling, cozy and comfortable. Lucky for us that day do not have a lot of customers. Don't know whether the restaurant would be crowded or not during weekend or after office hour tho.

Okay, now this is what we are having:

The chicken feet salad (small), price at rm10. They only served the flesh part of the chicken feet with a squeeze of lime and a little bit of spiciness from chillies. It was not the best but still good as we can taste the freshness and the flesh was really tender. Easy to eat. For a chicken feet lover like me, I have no problem finishing this dish.

The Tomyam Prawn (Medium), price at rm29. Enough to fulfill four hungry peoples. They served the prawn in individual small bowl, and served the rest in this large bowl. So everyone would have their fair share. The tomyam soup was thin and clear (not thick as I would be expecting from Thai restaurant), but the taste not to bad. The spiciness and sourness was well balance. Not the best tomyam I've tasted anyway. I think the price was quite cheap for a Thai Restaurant.

I would like to recommend this dish as I think this is the best one we had on that day. Mango Fish in Thai style (Medium), price at RM52. We choose "Senangin" fish and it was fried to perfect crisp and we could taste the freshness of the flesh. The crispy yet fresh flesh, the sweetness taste of the fish mix together with the sourness and spiciness of the mango (prepared some-what-like the "Kerabu Mangga" or Thai Mango Salad, balance the taste excellently. We eat the fish to the bones like hungry piranha... hahahaaakss...

This is the Basil Leaf Beef (Small) Price: RM15. Luckily we only asked for a small portion. Based on my personal opinion, the beef was a bit hard and really chewy. The taste was moderate as it mainly dominated by the soy sauce taste. Not much to describe the taste tho, imagine if you are eating soy sauce beef, but soy sauce beef which tasted better. :p

Lastly, don't forget the veggie yeah. Because the price for veggie is same whether it's the Water Spinach (Kangkung) or the asparagus, I choose asparagus as the retail price usually would be more expensive than Kangkung.. about being a housewife ya.. This Asparagus Belacan (Medium) Price at RM25. One thing to look when you order your veggie is, is it fresh and is it being overcooked. For me, this veggie was well done. Not being overcooked and is fresh. The taste just so-so as I hardly taste the belacan or any hint of spiciness. (or my toungue already numb from the spiciness from the tomyam.. hahaha) Anyway, not too bad, but maybe I would order different type of cooking for next time.

Overal picture of what we had.

For dessert, we actually had the Pulut Mango, Price at RM5.80. Sorry no picture, because it was so good, we finish it off before taking any picture. It was served with a portion of pulut (glutinous rice), half protion of fresh mango, and a small dipping bowl of thick coconut milk. I love this dessert as the mango is so sweet and fresh and it goes well with the pulut, and by pouring a bit of coconut milk before its enter your mouth, is heaven... hehe... a must try and recommended. <3

Okay.. time to pay the bill. Boss, belanja one, so no worries!!!... hehe... All total which include 4 plates of steam rice (RM2/plate) is RM159.30 (include 10% serv. charge)

Saving tips: They'll charge you for the wet tissues and the tidbits. Make sure you told them that you don't need it and ask them to take it away. We only have plain water, which is free and refillable.


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